About Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust

Since its inception in 2000 (formally registered in 2003), the Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust (SLC-IT) has been dedicated to promoting innovative community-based stewardship of the endangered snow leopard, its prey and habitat to the benefit of local people and the environment in the trans-Himalayan regions of Ladakh. SLC-IT believes that truly sustainable conservation comes from participation by the entire community. SLC-IT fulfills its objective through three main components of Community Conservation Initiatives wherein program like Predator Proofing, Community based ecotourism, livestock insurance, handicrafts and eco-cafes in areas where human-snow leopard conflicts are high. Enviromental Education programs that instill knowledge and appreciation of natural biodiversity and encourage children to become stewards of wildlife in Ladakh.  Scientific Research, wherein SLC-IT along with J&K Wildlife Department conducted non-invasive camera trapping monitoring in order to assess the extent to which snow leopard rely upon domestic livestock and number of Snow Leopards in the area.